George Clooney

Paul Mariano Describes What It’s Like BEING GEORGE CLOONEY


Any film, and any filmmaker, who can make Mussolini part of the story of film dubbing is a film, and a filmmaker, that I want to know. With BEING GEORGE CLOONEY, and Paul Mariano, I was amply rewarded for my time watching this illuminating documentary about the voice actors who put Italian (French, Hindi, Portuguese, etc.)… Read More »


Alfonso Cuaron’s GRAVITY is a masterpiece of both action and psychology. It is a film that sends its audience home with many things to ponder, and many lessons learned. It also sends that audience home with a whole new appreciation of air, and I’m not sure that’s an accident. So abundant here on the surface… Read More »



In a lesser film about Edward R. Murrow and the way he used television to bring down Joseph McCarthy, there would have been the obligatory unburdening scene with his wife. He would articulate the risks involved in what he was undertaking personally, professionally, and financially, have an emotional breakdown of some sort, and Mrs. Murrow… Read More »

Jason Reitman is UP IN THE AIR

Jason Reitman was in a puckish mood when I talked to him in October of 2009.  UP IN THE AIR had not yet opened, so the critical acclaim and multiple awards hadn’t begun. During a conversation that ranged from the current economic climate, to the putative difficulty of making George Clooney look anything but ravishing, Reitman… Read More »

David Strathairn Wishes Us GOOD NIGHT AND GOOD LUCK

The press tour that David Strathairn did for GOOD NIGHT AND GOOD LUCK was the first of his career. Considering how many first-rate performances Strathairn has given over the years, this came as something of a surprise to me. From starring roles in such John Sayles’ classics as LIMBO and PASSION FISH to solid supporting work… Read More »

Tony Gilroy Pulls the Strings on MICHAEL CLAYTON

Tony Gilroy is no stranger to the inner workings of law firms. He researched how things operated while writing the screenplay for THE DEVIL’S ADVOCATE, but with MICHAEL CLAYTON, which marks his directorial debut, he kept things strictly out of the supernatural realm while still exploring the evil at work in the world. When we… Read More »