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Cox, C. Jay -- LATTER DAYS


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LATTER DAYS is a film that is funny, moving, and that far exceeds expectations. So does its writer/director, C. Jay Cox. I've rarely chatted with anyone so engaging and so wickedly funny. But don't be fooled, this is an inteligent, thoughtful guy who has the worldview that can only the found in a gay Hollywood screenwriter who grew up Mormon in Idaho and whose mother was a champion calf roper.  Hence a film about a gay Mormon on a missionary trip to Los Angeles.

When we talked on April 2, 2004, the conversation delved into the niceties of torturing a leading man with ice water, the dangers of making one's cinematographer carsick, and what it means to be able to make a film that speaks to so many people that wouldn't otherwise have a voice. 

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C. Jay Cox, Andrea Chase

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