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Andrea's first actor interview ~ with Jerry Lewis

Andrea’s first actor interview ~ with Jerry Lewis

Smart, but never stuffy, Andrea Chase takes no prisoners when reviewing films. In interviews, she draws out filmmakers by asking the questions others don’t think of, but wish they had. New insights, unexpected revelations, and a wry sense of humor set this interview series apart.

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THE GREAT WALL is a big, blustery action-adventure flick in the classic mold, but with one exception.  There’s no damsel in distress here. Instead, the winsome lady of the piece is a warrior with nerves of steel and no fear of heights. Kudos there. Not… Read More »


THE LURE (Córki dancingu)

THE LURE is a wickedly feminist revision of the Little Mermaid story, though our heroines are sirens, not mermaids. Sirens as in those enticing creatures that would lure sailors to their doom with their irresistible songs. In Homer’s The Odyssey, it wa… Read More »



SIX ROUNDS is an exquisitely realized inner monologue. A perfect distillation of character and mood expressed in silence and in shouts; of emotion visualized through quick cuts and slow motion into a tone poem of stark eloquence with nary a flaw in its… Read More »