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Andrea's first actor interview ~ with Jerry Lewis

Andrea’s first actor interview ~ with Jerry Lewis

Smart, but never stuffy, Andrea Chase takes no prisoners when reviewing films. In interviews, she draws out filmmakers by asking the questions others don’t think of, but wish they had. New insights, unexpected revelations, and a wry sense of humor set this interview series apart.

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I was not a fan of the original OUIJA, which I found to be predictable in plot and pedestrian in execution.  Its prequel, however, OUIJA: ORIGIN OF EVIL, is (almost) the exact opposite.  Set in 1967, it reveals what happened in that spooky craftsman co… Read More »


A MAN CALLED OVE (En man som heter Ove)

When we meet the title character of A MAN CALLED OVE, he is having a very bad day. Squabbling with shop clerks, policing his neighbors regarding littering and pets, and being fired at almost 60 from the job he’s had since he was 16. Ove’s face is a stu… Read More »



THE ACCOUNTANT is a flabby, overlong film with an earnest mission to make us all think differently about autism, and also to give us the cheap thrill of seeing justice meted out to those slimy financiers who manipulate high finance to the detriment of… Read More »