Who is Andrea?

Maintaining my journalistic detachment with Jerry Lewis in an undated photo.

Maintaining my journalistic detachment with
Jerry Lewis in an undated photo.

I’ve been an avid moviegoer since my producer-father took my eleven-year-old self to see a W.C. FIELDS double feature on New Year’s Eve at a revival house in New Jersey. Or maybe it was the time he rented a print of CITIZEN KANE from the library and screened it in the living room back in those dark days before DVDs, or even VCRs. Either way, from then on, I was hooked on and doomed to a life of cinephilia.

I live in San Francisco, one of the great movie cities in the world. After moving here from Louisiana many years ago, I received my film education the way nature and the Lumiere Brothers intended–in movie theaters, both the mainstream venues that showcased the latest from La La Land, and the art houses that were more numerous in days gone by. They gave me a thorough grounding in current and classic cinema from all over the world and from the silents to the latest cutting edge Hong Kong flick. Which isn’t to say I haven’t found more than a few illuminating books on film, some of which I’ll be recommending in the months to come.

I am a member of the Women Film Critics Circle, as well as the San Francisco Film Critics Circle, for which I served seven years as its membership director. I’ve been heard on non-commercial syndicated radio since 1996, and on British Forces Broadcasting throughout the world. Currently I’m the Movie Chick on KGO-Radio’s Maureen Langan show,  my series, Behind the Scenes, is part of PRX.org with over 350 episodes, and I contribute reviews to The New Fillmore.  Both Rotten Tomatoes and the MRQE link to my site.

As you can see from the photo above, interacting with film people is a long-standing tradition with me. I’ve had my microphone in front of many remarkable people in the film biz, some of whom are famous, some of whom should be. Sometimes the results have been surprising, but it’s always been interesting and sometimes downright fun. Many of those interviews can be heard now on the KMR website. I’ll be adding more from what I have come to describe as my voluminous archives that go back several years. That’s in addition to keeping the site current with reviews about the latest films and interviews with the people who make them.

I’ve been obsessed by and written about movies for years, culminating in this, my own website. I hope you like it and will visit it often or, better yet, will become involved with it.

Lots of new features will be added as we go along. For example, you can email me to join the select group that will receive special movie stuff that may not get to the website itself. And there will be lots more.

If you are really miffed by anything I write, or want to disagree with a specific review, or just want to make a pithy comment, send it on to me. As I am oft wont to day, I know you have opinions, and if you share them, I promise to provide them with the warm, supportive and nurturing environment that they deserve. So don’t be shy. I’ll choose the most interesting to put up on the site for people all over the world to see. Just click on the feedback here or on the home page and your message will be put right under my nose.

At KMR, the balcony is always open.