HOOLIGAN SPARROW — Nanfu Wang Interview

Nanfu Wang, San Francisco, CA, 1/4/17

There is a difference between understanding that covering a human rights protest in China will be problematic, and actually experiencing the surveillance and intimidation that goes with that territory.  That’s one of the first things I talked about with Nanfu Wang, whose documentary, HOOLIGAN SPARROW, has been short-listed for this year’s Oscar ™.  It was… Read More »

Xu Hoafeng Presents THE FINAL MASTER

Xu Haofeng wanted to revitalize the martial arts genre, and by bringing knives into the action he has certainly done that. He’s also thrown in a love story as sharp and as steely as any of those weapons. Both approaches are refreshing, and both were topics of conversation when I spoke with the filmmaker about… Read More »


THE TAKING OF TIGER MOUNTAIN has blood, guts, and sentiment.  Based on actual events, and on the novel by Bo Qu, it’s a sweeping epic of a war film set in northwest China just after World War II has ended, when the government has collapse into corruption, bandits are terrorizing the villages, and the People’s… Read More »



What does music mean? It’s an interesting question and one posed with grace and not a little irony by Chen Kaige in TOGETHER. Using the backdrop of the uneasy cultural shifts in contemporary China and the ever mysterious dynamics of the father-son relationship, he has brought forth film that is deeply affecting and rapturously beautiful.… Read More »

Chen Kaige is TOGETHER

Having lived through the political and cultural turbulence of China’s recent past, it’s hardly surprising that Chen Kaige’s films reflect his preoccupation with the changes his homeland has, is, and will continue to experience. While is other films, such as FAREWELL MY CONCUBINE, have dealt with history, his latest, TOGETHER, looks as the present using… Read More »

Edward Norton Remakes THE PAINTED VEIL


Edward Norton doesn’t seem to have just coped with the added headaches that come with being a producer as well as an actor in THE PAINTED VEIL, he seems to have thrived with the challenge of dealing with them. Norton spent years trying to bring  M. Somerset Maugham’s novel to the screen for a second time, including the… Read More »