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Schwartz, Alex & Denise Cascino -- MR. PEABODY AND SHERMAN

Alex Schwartz & Denise Cascino -- MR. PEABODY AND SHERMAN

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Producers Alex Schwartz and Denise Cascino talk MR PEABODY AND SHERMAN, a revisit to the classic animated character created by Jay Ward. Leaping fearlessly from the original seven-minute format to feature length glory, the film fills in the backstory of the first dog to adopt a boy, sends Sherman to his first day of school, and, courtesy of Peabody’s WABAC time machine, plunges them both into a series of historical and emotional adventures, including but not limited to the French Revolution, the science of comedy, and working out the nuances of the father-son relationship. Along the way Sherman becomes the first boy aloft, Mona Lisa smiles, and the cantaloupe is established as the lowest fruit of them all. The film stars the voices of Ty Burrell, Alison Janney, Patrick Warburton, Stephen Colbert Leslie Mann, Ariel Winter, Max Charles as Sherman and director Rob Minkoff himself as Creepy Baby. Schwartz’s previous work includes CHARLOTTE’S WEB and THE BRIDGE TO TERABITHIA, while Cascino has co-produced SHREK THE THIRD and MEGAMIND.

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