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Interview: Barrett, Simon & Adam Wingard -- YOU'RE NEXT

Barrett, Simon & Adam Wingard -- YOU'RE NEXT

Simon Barrett & Adam Wingard -- YOU'RE NEXT

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Director Adam Wingard and writer Simon Barrett take the art and craft of the horror film very seriously. And when I spoke to them on April 28, 2013, it was not all fun and games. They were refreshingly cerebral about horror, and about what they wanted to accomplish with YOUíRE NEXT. In little things, such as the fact that they didnít want anyone tied to a chair, which is apparently a recognized sub-genre of horror film, or that they also, despite the blood and guts, didnít want to be mean-spirited, and punish their audience, but instead wanting to reward said audience by not insulting its intelligence. The result is a fun, not entirely serious, but seriously scary film that will ruin the more pastoral associations of animal masks forever. And I got to ask if, since they tend to work with the same actors over and over again, if at any point these actors get to choose how they get slaughtered in a film. 

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