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Interview: Aria, Moises, Nick Robinson, & Gabriel Basso

Aria, Moises, Nick Robinson, & Gabriel Basso

Moises Arias, Nick Robinson, & Gabriel Basso

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Moises Arias, Nick Robinson & Gabriel Basso talked chemistry reads, pipe dancing, and facing Nick Offerman when I spoke to them on April 29, 2013. That latter was in response to my wondering if it was possible to work with Offerman and not be compelled to do an impression of him. The conversation was lively, moving from the audition process, to how Arias perfected the proto-iconic moves seen at the beginning of the film as he dances on an industrial sized pipe as Robinson and Basso keep time.

THE KINGS OF SUMMER is a coming of age film about running away from home, building a new one, and unnaturally large won tons. Robinson plays Joe, a 15-year-old with iffy construction skills, an unrequited crush on the girl of his dreams, and a relationship with his father that makes them both miserable. After a particularly bad fight, Joe decides that the answer to his problems is to move out and into a house that he has constructed in a secluded part of the local Ohio woods with old pal Patrick, played by Basso, and new hanger-on Biaggio, played by Arias. Far from parental annoyance, they fulfill every kidís fantasy of running away from home, with enough money to hit up the local Boston Market on a regular basis, and an idyllic summer becomes the one that forces them all to grow up. The film co-stars Nick Offerman, Megan Mullally, Allison Brie, Erin Moriarity, Mary Lynn Rajskub and a host of delightful cameos. It was directed by John-Vogt Roberts from a script by Chris Galleta. Arias speaks first, followed by Robinson and Basso.


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