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Interview: Scahill, Jeremy -- DIRTY WARS

Scahill, Jeremy -- DIRTY WARS

Jeremy Scahill -- DIRTY WARS

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One thing that has always fascinated me is how people who spend their time investigating the dark side of human nature can keep their spirits up. So, naturally, when I spoke with Jeremy Scahill on May 9, 2013, that was a question I asked. I never expected that his answer would be comedy. I won’t ruin the surprise of what form that comedy takes except to say it has a cult following, and that discovering this side of Scahill was both startling and, for me at least, validating. It also shows Scahill as a guy who is capable of lightening up even in Mogadishu.

I spoke with the investigative journalist for “The Nation” about the documentary based on his books, both entitled DIRTY WARS. It’s a harrowing and heartbreaking story of the undeclared wars waged in our name, and of the casualties that, far from eliminating terrorism from the world, will likely increase it. Thoughtful, passionate, and insightful, Scahill, twice winner of the George Polk award, as well as several awards from Project Censored, does more than report on what’s happening now, in film, book, and our interview, he lays out what the future implications are, and why we should all be concerned about events taking place thousands of miles away, and, until now, out of public scrutiny. 


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