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Interview: Bahrani, Ramin -- AT ANY PRICE

Bahrani, Ramin -- AT ANY PRICE

Ramin Bahrani -- AT ANY PRICE

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There was something about the halting way in which Ramin Bahrani talked about Roger Ebert that said so much more than the moving words he spoke. Ebert had been an early champion of Bahraniís work, and when I spoke with the filmmaker on April 8 2013, it was just after Ebertís death, and my first question to him. Naturally the subject of their relationship was on my mind, and it was a surprise to discover that they had made an appointment to meet that would now never take place, and that the two e-mailed weekly, mostly about books.

We went on to talk about how he hopes to live up to Ebertís expectations of him, the way he talks about social issues in his films without really talking about them, and how he created one of the most sublime marriages of sound and picture in not one, but two montages that took my breath away while also advancing the story in a way no other method could have

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