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Interview: Theriot, Max -- DISCONNECT

Theriot, Max -- DISCONNECT

Max Theriot -- DISCONNECT

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Max Theriot has had a long career for one so young, starting as a child actor and making the tricky transition to an acting career as an adult. It was one of the question I had for him when we spoke on April 5, 2013 when he was here in San Francisco promoting his latest film, DISCONNECT. Theriot went into detail about how he prepared mentally and physically for the intensity of his role as a "model" on an online porn site. Aside from the fitness routine to build the physique necessary, he talked at length about getting into the mindset of young people who are in this line of work, and the surprising attitude they have towards it. When discussing the backstory he had created for his character, Kyle, Theriot didn't just explain the tattoo across Kyle's chest, he recited the poem that inspired it. We went on to talk about his current gig as Norman Bates' older, resentful half-brother on A&E's delightfully creeply series, BATES MOTEL, before finishing up by talking about a previous film he'd done, FOREVERLAND, that hadn't gotten the recognition it deserved. Or the audience.

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