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Interview: Bardey, Dr. Sasha -- SIDE EFFECTS

Bardey, Dr. Sasha -- SIDE EFFECTS

Dr. Sasha Bardey -- SIDE EFFECTS

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Of all the people involved in the making of Steven Soderbergh's SIDE EFFECTS, Dr. Sasha Bardey may have been the perfect interivew subject. The film is a psychologial thriller of the first order, with the classic Hitchcockian motif of an innocent bystander being suddenly entangled in a fiendish plot that spells certain doom for that bystander. It's all done very smartly, and with twists that would be a criminal offense to spoil.

So instead of giving away the film's plot, we had a fascinating talk on January 14, 2013 during which he explained with clarity and grace why we believe some people and not others, the subconscious effect the media has on us all, and why sanity really is a relative thing. Or, as Lily Tomlin once said about reality, it's a collective hunch. He also described the legal responsibilites of being a psychiatrist, and why he's attracted to the forensic side of that profession.

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