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Interview: Prueher, Nick -- FOUND FOOTAGE FESTIVAL



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Try though I might, there was no way to NOT giggle when talking with Nick Prueher about his FOUND FOOTAGE FESTIVAL. A man gifted with a dry humor and a mordent sense of self-deprectation, his descriptions of becoming enamored of the peculiar pleasures of old VHS tapes, as well as of the clips themselves that make their way into their annual traveling road show, are beyond funny. When we spoke by phone on December 7, 2012, it was in anticipation of their Bay Area shows in Oakland and San Francisco (at the Fabulous Roxie Theater December 15th & 16th!), just two of the stops Prueher will be making with co-founder, co-curator, and co-host for each show, Joe Pickett on their 50-state tour. From the clip that made them fear for thier lives, to the video that found them by way of Mike Judge, to the search for the story behind the clips that often leads to more questions than answers, the conversation was a veritable cornucopia of the stuff that makes up the effluvia of our modern civilization.

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