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Interview: Zemeckis, Robert -- FLIGHT

Zemeckis, Robert -- FLIGHT

Robert Zemeckis -- FLIGHT

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Robert Zemeckis has been making movies, and specificaly movies with special effects, for a long time. So, when the time came to make FLIGHT, he knew how to incorporate the effects he would need to simulate a plane crash with enough economy to sacrifice neither the visual effect, nor to have the money behind the film worry that his complex, uncompromising story about truth, lies, and addiction, could be made the way he envisioned. When we spoke on October 24, 2012, the necessary differences in content between high-cost, studio films and mid-range efforts was topic one. We went on to discuss star Denzel Washington's meticulous attention to detail in crafting a character over and above what's in the script, and why Zemeckis was not satisfied to be just a passenger when it comes to flying.

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