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Interview: Butler, Chris & Sam Fell -- PARANORMAN

Butler, Chris & Sam Fell -- PARANORMAN

Chris Butler & Sam Fell -- PARANORMAN

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When I spoke with Chris Butler and Sam Fell in July 27, 2012, the conversation was a wonderful mix of whimsy and erudtion as they explained the finer points of bringing a stop-motion film to life. The two shared the directing duties on PARANORMAN, working from a script by Butler.  What I was most interested in, though, besides the fine job Fell had done animating slugs with such charm in FLUSHED AWAY, was what it was about stop-motion animation that could tell a story like no other medium. They were effusive in their response, as well as disclosing some of the in-jokes put in the film by the animators, and, on a serious note, what fantasy in general, and zombies in particular, can teach bout bullying that makes it both effective and palatable.

NB:The Henry mentioned in the interview, by the way, is Henry Selick, the director of the first 3D stop-motion film, CORALINE, also from Laika studios.

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