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Interview: Chan, Jackie -- THE TUXEDO

Chan, Jackie -- THE TUXEDO

Jackie Chan -- THE TUXEDO , 2002

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Jackie Chan's English may not be quite as fluid as his martial arts moves, but that doesn't stop him when it comes to getting his point across. When we talked on
September 17, 2002, it was while he was on a press tour for THE TUXEDO, but he was also talking up the slew of films he has coming out over the next few years. The converstation ranged from his responsibilities as a role model, to where he'd like his career to go from here, to where the next generation of martial arts stars will come from and what part he'd like to have in shaping them. He also broke into song at one point.


In the TUXEDO, he plays a cab driver who accidentally becomes a super spy with the help of a tuxedo that does all the work. Chan, known for doing all his own stunts, used wires and computer effects this time out to create some sequences. We started with whether or not he felt cheated doing stunts that way.

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