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Ratliff, George -- HELL HOUSE

Ratliff, George -- HELL HOUSE , 2001

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George Ratliff's documentary, HELL HOUSE, chronicles the building of a Halloween house that doesn't purvey ghouls, werewolves, or vampires. Instead, this brainchild of the sincere folks of Trinity Church in Texas use the concept of a Halloween fright fest to convert the unsaved to their brand of fundamentalism. A fundamentalism in which abortion, raves, and Harry Potter are presented as sure roads to Hell.

I spoke with Ratliff on April 29, 2002 at the San Francisco International Film Festival where HELL HOUSE, as at many other festivals around the world, was an audience favorite. The conversation turned to musings on the origin of Hell and the allure of fundamentalism, but started with an overview of the concept of Hell House.

Read the review of HELL HOUSE.

George Ratliff

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