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Sometimes a film needs a little extra attention, something more than just a review or an interview, so I've come up with three walouboutin uk louboutin wedding shoes louboutin outletys to spotlight them.

FIRST LOOK is for films that won't be released for a while, but have piqued my interest.

SECOND LOOK is for films that maybe didn't get, or aren't getting, quite the attention that I think that they deserve. This is a good place to look for video/DVD rental ideas, in addition to the NEW DVD REVIEWS section. It's also a good place to look for alternatives to the over-hyped blockbusters that overwhelm multiplexes.

PLEASE RELEASE ME! is a section very close to my heart. At festivals I see lots of films that are perfectly splendid and whose only fault is that a distributor's marketing team can't come up with an ad campaign. Maybe if they get some attention, they'll make it to a theater near you, or at least to a video store.


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