FARE — Thomas Torrey Interview

The first thing I asked Thomas Torrey when I spoke with him by phone on February 23, 2017, was whether shooting his film, FARE, in three days, and entirely within a car, was necessity or personal challenge.

Once that was out of the way, we went on to talk about the odd sort of intimacy that arises when strangers, in this case a ride-share driver and his eponymous fares, find themselves in a confined space over a period of time; the tug between coincidence and synchronicity in the plot; and what writing about a marriage in crisis revealed to him about his own marriage.

We went on to talk about the perils of filming on public roads and eschewing a hand-held camera approach.

We finished up with Torrey talking about the philosophical dynamic with his producing partner, Justin Moretto, and casting just the right car.

FARE is his film about love, commitment, and fate. In it, he plays Eric, a ride-share driver whose very long night begins with an enigmatic passenger opining about what love is, and ends with the jolt of catharsis. The series of strangers Eric drives comes to an end when he picks up what will be his final fare: the man that is having an affair with his wife. The film co-stars J.R. Adduci, Katherine Drew, and Pat Dortch as The Foreigner. Torrey directed from his own script, and this is his feature film debut.

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